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Condition: Preloved


German top florist, Annette Camping became Champion of Germany in 1994 and winner of the Golden Rose in the same year. One year later she became Vice-Champion of Europe. In 2001 she opened her own floral school Blumenwerk, a school for florists, designer and flower lovers in general. This monograph introduces a colourful and enthusiastic person. In her interaction with flowers, Annette wants to bring her compositions to life, full of character. An inner feeling, an impulse, an experience...they are all expressed in an harmonious coexistence of colours and shapes. Annette manages to bring across her love of flowers to the reader and will certainly bring a smile to your face. The publication is a discovery journey behind the scenes of a floral composition. The creativity of her compositions is beautifully captured in the many close-ups by photographer Bart Van Leuven.

Vitality - Annette Kamping

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