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Thrive & Flourish
2024 Planner

What if I told you that we’ve made something super gorgeous that will help you and your business Thrive and Flourish … interested?! Read on.

         Are you fed up with working all the hours, but not growing your business in the way that you’d like and never achieving all of your goals or projects that you’d hope?

         Like to achieve a better work/life balance?

         Need something that will keep you inspired, up to date, on top of your projects and focused on your business, whilst leaving precious "me" time too.

Well, we’re excited to let you know that we’ve created a beautiful new product.

Clarence Planner mock front.jpg

The Thrive and Flourish

2024 Planner


Here you’ll find a useful diary – it has plenty of space to plan your days – time block those important projects, see the peak dates in a florist’s calendar. If you do weddings – there’s a spot for those, space to pop notes, flowers to order, etc… but of course, as you’d expect from anything that we do – there’s more. The planner is designed to help you navigate the year.  Grab a cuppa and let me tell you more…

So the really cool part is that we’ve added awesome content that you can access at the start of each month that link to secret pages on our website, where you can watch a monthly tutorial by me, Claire Cowling. 


I'll show you a design each month to help inspire and motivate you for the changing of the seasons, plus we'll look at the most beautiful flowers, foliages and materials that are at their best at the time of year.  You'd easily pay £40 (and the rest!) for a monthly workshop, so that's a super special deal in itself!


You'll also gain access to our Thrive and Flourish facebook community – where you can chat to your fellow Thrivettes and cheer each other on – celebrate your successes and keep motivated to power through, helping to make your business Flourish even further.



Oh, but it's soooo much more than a diary!!...

We’ve added the all-important dates to help you get organised for the peak times - plus the main international and key celebratory dates, so you'll have plenty of time to develop special promotions and product ranges.

There's a double page spread "weekly focus" - great to check your week at a glance.

Monthly overview.

Double page social media planning and prompts to keep your socials active and responsive.

Brain dumps – massively important for us creatives!!

Beautiful designs at the start of each month to keep you inspired.

A week-to-view diary, with business trackers...





So, what's it like?

  • It’s super luxurious. No messing about here!! If you’re going to be committed to using this – you need to love it and we’re positive that you will!

  • We've opted for a hard cover, which makes your planner look really professional and super lush, plus it keeps the all-important inner pages from getting dog-eared!

  • It is spiral bound with a brass metal coil, so looks swish and makes it extremely easy to lay flat and fill in.

  • There are 192 fabulous pages.

  • A4 - so plently big enough to write in, small enough to carry around or leave on your desk, as you wish!

  • It has handy tabs so you can easily jump from section to section.

  • 2025 overview where you can add in wedding bookings/holidays, etc.

  • It has a pen loop to hold your favourite pen, elastic to close and a pocket for tickets/receipts and random bits of paper you need to hold on to!

Mock up page of planner for marketing with handS.jpg
TF2024planner page_edited_edited.png

What's the cost?

The cost of our awesome planners is  £40.00 Yes, compared to a standard diary that's a lot more money, but  it's lush and worth every single penny. With everything it has included, the practicalities and possibilites it gives,having all you need (the diary, the tracker, key dates/inspiration, motivation, social media planner all in one place - it's worth that and more, but also remember that you're getting twelve mini workshops included too and a whole lot of inspiration from me - Claire Cowling!!

You can also buy a copy of BOTH our Planner and Calendar for £50.00!!
Here's a link to our calendar just in case you'd like to read a bit more info.

Ordering info

Our brilliant planners are available for to order only, so don't hang around! Once our order is in with the printers, it's set and we'll only be adding a few spares.  Don't miss out - if you'd like one, please don't delay.


I'm a florist in the US - would this work for me?

Yes - whilst we've based our planners with the UK florists in mind, however we have included key International dates too, so they would be perfect for our lovely customers worldwide.


I'm keen to only use companies that care about the environment - can you tell me about your printers credentials and ethics?

Of course. To start, at Thrive ourselves it was one of our aims to make one of the great parts of this planner to reduce excess paper, excess stuff - everything you need is all in this planner! No more printing off bits for this, bits for that.  We were really keen to find a company that had the highest eco credentials, as we all know - we need to start doing that little bit extra for our wonderful planet, so we found a UK based company that uses:

Paper and cover boards that are recycled FSC and acid free. The ink and glues are all low VOC to make sure they are compliant. The thread, ribbons and elastic are all made from recycled plastic bottles!  How cool is that?!

Any other questions,

Disclaimer: Of course – you’ve still got to put in the hard work, so we’re not promising that this will change your world, but we’re just going to make that journey a little more fun, creative and exciting!  We want to stop you procrastinating, quash that little voice in your head and get consistent, gain confidence in yourself and your beautiful floristry designs to be able to go out there and share your beautiful designs with the world.



Buying one as a gift? Brilliant idea! We can gift wrap and package your pressie and either deliver to you, or send them straight out to the lucky recipient. We'll even hand write a message card for you.

We hope that you love our florists planners as much we do - we cannot wait to show you more.

Love Claire and Ed x

The perfect gift for florists and flower lovers!

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