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Eager to elevate your wedding portfolio, refine your skills, and craft intricate accessories? Dive into our immersive Spring Wedding Masterclass online!

Unleash your creativity as you master the art of crafting a stunning Spring hand-tied posy, a whimsical flower crown, and a perfectly coordinated jacket pin with me, Claire Cowling.


It's online, so you can watch and learn at your leisure, pause, repeat time and time again until you're proficient at your new skill.



If you love intricate, delicate work, and are looking to work with seasonal materials, then this masterclass is just the thing! You'll receive not only the tuition, but a brilliant workbook too.


You will receive an email link to access the course.


P.S. Please choose to collect in the shipping options (so no shipping charge) and we will email you with the link. Thanks so much!

Spring Wedding Masterclass

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