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For one week only - our suppliers have given us a super special discount. Buys yours before the price goes back up! Save a brilliant 20%!!


These are superb professional pruning shears, with a unique locking system - just squeeze the handle to unlock - brilliant when you want to get on with cutting quickly!


We have two sizes -

SMALL - weighing 210g and are super comfy in the hand - 178mm in length - perfect for those with small and dainty hands.

MEDIUM - Weigh 230g, 230mm in length. The Secateur blade length is 8". Good if you have long fingers, or larger hands!


The handle fits comfortably and gives an excellent grip. A quality spring provides adequate cushioning. The urethane cushion enhances the shock-absorbing performance. They are surface finished with hard-chrome plating and made from high-carbon steel making them incredibly touch and the best secateurs for a busy florist (and gardener alike!)

Spare blade, bolt and nuts are also available to purchase separately - please ask!

These come personally recommended by me, Claire - they are a staple in my tool kit, along with the knife and wire cutters!! An absolute must and will last for years - well worth paying that extra few pounds for the pro - they're so much more heavy duty!!  I wouldn't work with any other tools.

made of high carbon steel with hard chrome plating for extra toughness!


Professional Pruning Shears

PriceFrom £50.00
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