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This book is written for anyone with a love of flowers and a desire to create floral displays. From a simple arrangement to the latest cutting edge contemporary designs, this guide contains all the information you need to get you there. Illustrated with the best quality photography and explanatory line drawings and with sections devoted to: * Choosing plant material and making it last. * Mechanics, sundries and accessories. * Elements and principles, this book has everything for the novice to provide a solid foundation upon which to build. Further sections on: * Flowers in a vase and handtieds. * Classic and contemporary design. * Wedding flowers expand on the fundamentals to enable the reader to go on and produce stunning floral displays to match those in the beautiful illustrations.

Flower Arranging - The Complete Guide for Beginners

SKU: 154
  • AUTHOR: Judith Blacklock ISBN: 9780955239175 DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2012 PAGES: 280 DIMENSIONS: 20 x 25.5 cm LANGUAGE: English PUBLISHER: The Flower Press
    RRP: £25

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