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Orchids are distinctive and special flowers, very of the moment and exquisite for design work. Gregor shows you how…
READERSHIP Florists, floral designers, students, interior designers.


The vast family of orchids is one which every florist should familiarise themselves with – don’t just limit your work to the ever popular Cymbidium or Phalaenopsis. There are dozens more commercially available varieties. This book shows how to use them effectively, with lots of emotion in a diverse collection of works ranging from simple arrangements to funeral pieces and planted designs. The possibilities are limitless, Gregor explains in great depth the elements of design to be considered. There are no techniques pages but a practiced floral designer could easily and effectively adapt and explore ideas. A section also covers botanical information.

Fascinating Orchideas

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  • AUTHOR Gregor Lersch
    ISBN 3938521155
    PAGES 144
    DIMENSIONS 330x245mm
    LANGUAGE English, German
    PUBLISHER: Floral Design Edition
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