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Spring Bridal Bouquet Workshop 14th May 2024


Whether you're looking to master light and airy bridal bouquets, full of movement and texture; tumbling cascades; or a more natural style... (or all three!), then this is the workshop for you.


We'll discuss seasonal flowers, what works well in these designs and why. 
We'll look at colours and a natural colour palette, then you'll be expertly guided through creating the designs and receive a helpful critique and group discussion afterwards.


A super workshop for Florists wanting to widen their portfolio, up their technique and skillset for this years wedding season and beyond.


A beautiful array of flowers, grasses, foliages and twigs, plus all the sundry materials are included in the price of the workshop, and refereshments.  You'll just need to bring your tools and lunch.


The workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 4.00pm, with a break for lunch, questions and browsing!

Bridal Bouquet Workshop 14th May 2024

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