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Love is ... falling into each other's arms amidst a profusion of flowers. Love is undoubtedly the most talked about theme in literature, film and theater, and probably also in everyday life. Sharing the ‘yes’ of consent represents a wonderful symbolic event, through which mutual love is affirmed in the presence of friends and family. And one cannot imagine it without flowers ... Without saying a word, they speak the language of love. By their shape and texture, they are fragile, pure and lovely. Their tones color the festive events. Love is also passion. Only passionate florists can express the spirit of love through their flower arrangements. Three young Walloon floral composers, Joëlle, Damien and Olivier, exhibit here their most beautiful and most recent bridal bouquets, corsages, table runners, church decorations, car compositions… Their creativity knows no bounds. Our annual Fleuramour floral event in Alden Biesen is also about love and passion for flowers. The most beautiful bridal bouquets were imagined and made for this occasion by renowned floral composers and by young talents. We have selected a few for you. In this third edition of ‘In Love’, you can gather new ideas, find inspiration to get started, or just swim in pure romanticism.


With wedding bouquets by: Annick Mosconi, Geert Pattyn, Greg Llum, Jan Deridder, Jantine van Bruggen, Jill Ceulemans, Judith Le Bron de Vexela, Katia Gilmet, Mélanie Mertens, Moniek Vanden Berghe, Natallia Sakalova, Stijn Simaeys, Tania Huyghe

In Love 3

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