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Lynda Owen introduces you to the world of floristry competitions sharing the knowledge she has built up during a long career of competing and judging floristry competitions. This authoritative book will help competitors develop and enhance their competition skills, and equip them with the techniques needed to win a floristry competition. Whether you are a competitor, a would-be judge or a recently qualified floristry judge, this book will help you discover and understand the skills needed to perform the tasks required. It will also serve as a reminder for the seasoned floristry judge, besides giving valuable insight into stewarding a floristry competition.Everything you need to know about floristry competitions in one textbook written by the highly respected author and floristry judge Lynda Owen. Whether you are a competitor, judge or steward there is easy to follow advice to build up competition knowledge, skill and confidence. With insight into overseas competitions, winning design tips, how to become a floristry judge, writing competition schedules, and for stewards how to organize the competition room plus much, much more. This book will be an excellent source of information anyone interested in floristry competitions.
AUTHOR: Lynda Owen ISBN: 9780956513304 DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2010 PAGES: 96 DIMENSIONS: 21 x 15 cm LANGUAGE: English PUBLISHER: Lynda Owen

Floristry Competitions

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