Edwin Molenaar is a Dutch floral designer who left for Japan aged twenty-one. He worked there as a floral designer for different shops before starting his own shop in 1997. In addition, he owns a floral workshop, a studio and a gallery at the Risonare Hotel. In Japan he's very well-known for his magnificent decoration of wedding receptions and parties. His bridal bouquets are like pearls to a wedding dress; they adorn the whole event. This book offers a series of ideas for bridal bouquets, corsages, bridesmaids, table decorations, church decorations and bridal cars.

Blossoming Love

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  • AUTHOR: Edwin R Molenaah ISBN: 9789058562579 DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2008 PAGES: 120 DIMENSIONS: 23 x 23 cm LANGUAGE: English PUBLISHER: Stichting Kunstboek
    Cover: Hardback
    RRP: £22.50

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