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Tor Gundersen is one of the most important flower arrangement artists of Scandinavia and has a very personal style: he strives for beauty in simplicity. He had already drawn this line from the very beginning of his career. And with a huge success: during the past years Gundersen won almost all titles that are to be won in his discipline in Europe. With clock-like regularity he appears in the United States or in Asia, where he is regarded as a trend-setter and where he gives crowded demonstrations. In this special book he has bundled his most beautiful works in four chapters: ‘In continuation of the vase’, ‘Old forms rediscovered’, ‘West meets East’ and ‘Inspired by Norway’. The German journalist Monika Kratz throws light on the life and works of Tor Gundersen, while Svein-Erik Tøraasen made the fascinating photographs.

Works (Tor Gundersen)

SKU: 143
  • AUTHOR: Tor Gundersen ISBN: 978905856066X DATE OF PUBLICATION: n/a PAGES: 144 DIMENSIONS: 33 x 24.5 cm LANGUAGE: English PUBLISHER: Stichting Kunstboek
    RRP: £50

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