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It is a well-known saying that one’s wedding day is the happiest day of one’s life. If only for this reason it is important that detailed and individual planning is carried out weeks, if not months, before the event. After all, this experience should provide lasting memories. Floristry can play its part in the successful achievement of this in that it provides an abiding picture in the minds of the participants. This overall picture is concerned not only with the bride’s bouquet, the groom’s buttonhole, and perhaps the car decoration but from the very beginning includes all the stages of the celebrations: from the civil ceremony through the arrangements for the wedding ceremony on to the reception and the smaller or larger wedding table. In this book Wally Klett offers a whole range of ideas for themed weddings which take on board the favourite forms, colours, wishes and dreams of the bridal couple and so allow the realisation of quite individual, personal ceremonies. To this end she can create romantic weddings in heartfelt red, or youthful, quirky weddings in a colourful galactic setting or even the sophisticated designer wedding with an exotic pink touch. These are impressions that are not easily forgotten. She has developed a concept of “Bride typology” which pinpoints wedding types and is thus a great help in the professional florist’s consultations. Beyond that, the completely new floral calendar developed by Wally Klett is of enormous help in offering an overview as to which flowers are available, and are indeed suitable, at what times of year. This is a true innovation. As well as all this we are also offered explanations of the new techniques such as, among others, the “crash- technique”, the “carrée”- and the “crochet technique”. In a book of 176 pages, bursting with about 50 themes and 400 illustrations, Wally Klett again manages to offer new and innovative impulse to the art of wedding floristry.

AUTHOR: Wally Klett ISBN: 3938521163 DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2009 PAGES: 176 DIMENSIONS: 33 x 24 cm Language: German, English PUBLISHER: Floral Design Edition ISBN-13: 978-3938521168 Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1 inches Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds

Wedding Of Colours & Dreams

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