Kränze, Raumdeko & Sträuße selbst gemacht

Trendy wreaths, flower loops & hoops, fascinating interior decorations, luxuriant bouquets or stylish dried flower table decorations are easy to make. You don't have to be a pro; this book is full of practical instructions, helpful tips and photographs that even non-experts can follow. Also easy to understand is the basic information about collecting or harvesting flowers and plants, as well as the various drying techniques that is essential knowledge for those wishing to create long-lasting or permanent home decorations.

Please note the text is in German, however there are plenty of images for inspiration if you don't speak the lingo!



  • ISBN: 9783965630499
    PAGES: 96
    DIMENSIONS 23 x 23 cm
    COVER: Hardback
    LANGUAGE: German

01359 231009

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