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The Art of Wearable Flowers reveals the secrets to creating gorgeous floral accessories that you can wear. This guide provides how-tos for 40 floral wearables, including an eye-catching succulent ring, gorgeous hyacinth hoop earrings, a fabulous petal necklace, and a luxurious headpiece, plus bracelets, corsages, headbands, and more. Renowned floral artist Susan McLeary shares this stunning collection of 40 flower and plant-based designs that you can try out for yourself.

Each project includes an ingredients list, styling tips, and easy-to-follow instructions paired with step-by-step photographs.
The ultimate guide to elevating every outfit with natural beauty, filled with essential information on tools, design techniques, and plant care, making it easy to create these remarkable arrangements at home.
Featuring hundreds of inspiring photographs presented in a beautifully designed book, The Art of Wearable Flowers is a must-have accessory for any modern woman.
Susan McLeary's expertise in styling flowers-combined with breathtaking photos of her signature arrangements.
For anyone who wants to make a show-stopping appearance at a wedding, birthday party, or any special occasion.
Great for brides (and as a bridal shower gift!), florists, crafters, flower gardeners, and flower stylists.

The Art Of Wearable Flowers

  • Date of Publication:3 Mar 2020
    Author:Susan McLeary
    Dimensions:25.4 x 18.4cm
    Publisher:Chronical Books

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