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Trendsetter, globetrotter, entrepreneur, influencer, aesthete ... Tomas De Bruyne is without a doubt one of today's most talented floral designers. This is the book that colleagues, students and fans have eagerly been anticipating. Techniques for floral beauty gives us a kaleidoscopic view of the designer's internal kitchen. It shows Tomas from his most personal side and offers us a sneak peek in what motivates, intrigues and inspires him, what his passions in life are and how he makes choices and keeps reinventing himself.

Techniques for floral beauty is a stunning portrait and colorful coffee table book chock-full of sublime beauty, but is at the same time a handbook with step by step tutorials for 50 stylish pieces. These concise steps and clear how-to pictures offer the reader or student the guidance they need to achieve floral beauty. No less than 150 different floral techniques are discussed. Golden tips from the master himself and insider tricks give the book the allure of a personal masterclass. This is an absolute must-have for every flower lover.


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Techniques for Floral beauty

SKU: B00809
  • Date of Publication: 2018
    Author: Tomas de Bruyne
    ISBN: 9789058565983
    Dimensions: 33 x 24.5cm
    Language: English
    Cover: Hardback
    Pages: 224
    Publisher: Stichting Kunstboek

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