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Dining is more enjoyable at an attractively laid table, Annick Van Wesemael embraced the fact and made tasteful table decorations her personal trademark. Once more Tasty Tables 2 proves master florist Annick Van Wesemael to be an excellent hostess, welcoming us into her colourful world of bold flowers and fresh greenery. Every opportunity, every home and every style of table can be dressed up festively with a few green touches. Whether you are looking for inspiration for a sumptuous banquet, a romantic candle light dinner or an exuberant birthday party, Annick Van Wesemael shares her vision, tricks and creative ideas to transform your table and dining room into an inviting setting. Tasty Tables 2 is the perfect table-companion.

Tasty Tables 2

SKU: 138
  • AUTHOR: Annick Van Wesemael ISBN: 9789058563392 DATE OF PUBLICATION: n/a PAGES: 120 DIMENSIONS: 23 x 23 cm LANGUAGE: English PUBLISHER: Stichting Kunstboek

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