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The book tells the captivating story of the flower shop and intriguing tales of the men and women who worked in them. "Saying it with Flowers" celebrates the time-honoured floral profession from its earliest incarnations in Victorian Britain to the mass market industry of the twenty-first century. We meet the courts florists who decorated the homes of royalty, the port flower sellers who had a matter of hours to deliver the Bon Voyage bouquets to passengers on the great ocean liners, the enterprising nurserymen who smuggled violets up to war-torn London and the hardworking family florists who are as busy today as their great-grandfathers were in Victorian times. With stunning period drawings, photographs and illustrations, Saying it with Flowers is a magnificent and lasting tribute to the splendour of the flower shop.
AUTHOR: Jennifer Davies ISBN: 9780747274056 DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2000 PAGES: 224 DIMENSIONS: 25.9 x 19.8 cm LANGUAGE: English PUBLISHER: Headline Book Publishing
RRP: £20

Saying It With Flowers: The Story Of The Flower Shop

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