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Gregor Lersch's Principles of Design is a comprehensive and universally appreciated book for florists and floral designers. The purpose is to describe both the internal and external principles of design by means of clear concise notes and illustration; many examples are also enhanced by Gregor's distinctive line drawings. This is certainly a bestselling book which any serious florist or floral designer should not be without.

This is a brand new copy, still in wrapping of this out of print book.  There is no intention to re-print.

We only have very limited copies available and as they say..."once they're gone, they're gone".

We also have limited pre-loved copies of the original edition too - please see our other listings.

Also available by Gregor Lersch: Principles of Design - School edition, Floral Craftsmanship, Floral Craftmanship 2, Fascinating Orchideas, The Relationship of Contrasts, Modern Floral Christmas Works, Sources of Creativity, Two Faces of Floral Design.

Principles of Floral Design revised edition

SKU: 385
    AUTHOR Gregor Lersch
    ISBN 9783938521106
    PAGES 220
    DIMENSIONS 95x240mm
    LANGUAGE English
    PUBLISHER: Floral Design Edition
    COVER: Softback 
    EDITION: Revised edition

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