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Are you time-poor but want to be money-rich? Business strategist, entrepreneur, #1 podcaster and global speaker Lisa Johnson is here to guide you through the world of passive income.

No complicated plans or tech troubles; just a simple step-by-step approach using Lisa's simple system to earning money either as a side hustle or as your main business, without ever trading time for money.

Covering EVERYTHING you need to know from how to think of an initial idea, develop it, grow an engaged audience, get into a productive groove, launch your product, generate sales and maintain a consistent income from your product, Lisa takes you through it all, with lots of guaranteed laughs along the way!

This will be a book you turn to time and again for motivation, inspiration and practical business advice.


Available mid January 2023 - we'll send it out hot off the press!

Free P&P for pre-orders! Buy your copy now.

Make Money Online : Your no-nonsense guide to passive income

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