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With 304 pages of the most striking floral arrangements, the International Floral Art 2016/2017 is another exceptional tribute to the wonders of floral art. An absolute favourite of many, the International Floral Art series has become an essential resource, reflecting the diverse and ever-evolving floral art scene. Over 200 international artists, both up-and-coming as well-established designers, sent in their best designs. It accounts for the extraordinary diversity and the refreshing mix of arrangements in this volume.

Packed with artful and inventive new designs and showcasing many contemporary styles and techniques, this is a must-have for anyone interested in floral art, from those with fingers itching to create, to those who just want to stand back and admire the incredible talents of others.

The winners of the special mentions in this edition are: 

Golden Leaf: Irina Knyazheva from Russia
Silver Leaf: Premysl Hytych from the Czech Republic and Pascale Meissel-Coste from France
Bronze Leaf: Kazuhiro Sugimoto from Japan
The jury for the new book was: Pirjo Koppi (Finland), Neil Whittaker (UK), Gudrun Cottenier (Belgium) and Frédéric Dupré (France)
The lovely image that was chosen for the cover of the book is a design made by Mexican Ada Berenize Alvarado Escudero.   

International Floral Art 2016 2017

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