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The latest publication from the Life 3 Team - Interior Emotions.


Thanks to cocooning and a hype around DIY, crafts and upcycling, our homes are increasingly becoming warm nests and a playground for creative minds who seek to inspire us through the use of colour and innovative designs that make a statement not only about who we are but the internal space we occupy, the space we call home. Plants and flowers have become favourite tools in interior design. Whether you like Scandinavian design or a classical romantic style, there are flowers and combinations to suit every interior.

Interior Emotions contains a wealth of stylish floral art for the home, using different environments and styles, ranging from subdued to colourful, playful, small scale to wallscapes. This collection offers inspiration not only to the professional florist but to amateurs, who will be able to pick up ideas and get creative in their own homes. Featuring the work of three unique and internationally respected designers, this volume focuses on creating individual style with ideas are inspiring and original, bringing an additional natural element and splash of colour and style to any internal space lifting it from being a room, to an environment that lives and breathes.

Interior Emotions

SKU: 6281
£50.00 Regular Price
£45.00Sale Price
  • Date of Publication:April 2014
    Author:Per Benjamin, Max Van de Sluis & Tomas De Bruyne
    Dimensions:33 x 24.5cm
    Publisher:Stichting Kunstboek

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