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Suzy Bales sums up garden arrangements like this: "Life is best lived in sync with the seasons." She brings a new angle to four-season garden bouquets gather the blooms, but don t overlook the leaves, branches, and vines you find in the off-season. Her fresh-from-the-garden arrangements celebrate the ever-changing landscape and feature unique combinations of flowers and foliage for floral creations in every style. Lifelong gardener and lifestyle writer Bales also takes on the role as inspirational designer to educate gardeners about the latest research on conditioning individual garden flowers, how to care for them immediately after cutting, and the length of time they can be expected to last. No other book has compiled such complete instructions for prolonging the bloom.

Garden Bouquets & Beyond

  • ISBN:978-1605290102
    DIMENSIONS: 26 X 21cm

    PAGES: 210
    COVER: Hardback
    PUBLISHER: Rodale

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