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This is the book the flower industry has been waiting for! Everyone loves fresh flowers, and this book presents the finest details about how to grow them; how to cut them; how to care for them; how to preserve them and in fact the book is filled to the brim with all kinds of information that deals with every imaginable aspect of fresh cut flowers. Anyone who has a passion for gardening and fresh flowers or those who simply like to dabble in their garden will adore delving into the mind of the fresh cut flowers guru, Gregory Milner. Filled with illustrations and magnificent coloured pictures; new ideas about fresh cut flowers; how to (or not to) handle fresh cut flowers; explanations, ideas, the history of fresh cut flowers, etc, this is going to be a ""must have"" for students of floristry, for florists, for garden buffs... in fact for everyone who loves their garden and fresh flowers.

Fresh Cut Flowers

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