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Award-winning photographer Adam Kufeld takes on the always popular subject of flowers in a fresh and provocative way, using a close-range lens to describe the intricate, surprising forms hidden inside blossoms. His macro lens allows Kufeld to capture detail invisible to the naked eye, and take advantage of the naturally brilliant color and suggestive forms of petal, stamen, and pistil to create images that transform their subject. A flower grower from an early age and an orchid tender for almost 15 years, Kufeld knows flowers intimately. His elegant, stylized, seductive portraits depict common garden flowers, including morning glories, bougainvillea, daisies, poppies, lilies, zinnias, roses, and passion flowers, as well as more exotic varieties, such as orchids. His original Giclee prints, on traditional watercolor paper, have been hugely successful in exhibition. Flowers: Portraits of Intimacy includes more than 60 photographs captioned with the common name of the flower and an introduction by acclaimed floral designer Rebecca Cole.

Flowers: Portraits of Intimacy

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