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'Flowers are the most amazing and beautiful creations. Nothing on earth can match their colours, textures and fragrances. Flowers, singly or massed, have a vibrant life that along with foliage gives the designer an incomparable paint box of colour and an endless series of sculptural forms.' These are the exact words of Gillian Wheeler, foundress and principal of The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers situated in the heart of London. In this book she proves to be an imaginative artist, a designer who can handle the rich palette flowers offer very well. No matter if Gillian designs bouquets or uses her designs to bring out the best in other arts such as the ballet or to emphasise textures and shapes in the delicate paper art of husband and artistic sparring partner Alan, her choices in flowers and shapes are tasteful, rich and stylish and exude and old-world class and elegance. This book lays testament to the imaginative interaction between different arts - floral art and paper art. Beautiful synergy, symbolised in the elegant ampersand in the title of this book.

Flowers & Imagination

£45.00 Regular Price
£40.00Sale Price
  • AUTHOR: Gillian Wheeler
    DIMENSIONS: 30x30cm
    PAGES: 157
    COVER: Hardback
    PUBLISHER: Stichting Kunstboek

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