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Jouni Seppanen has to be one of my all time favourite florists. Why? That's easy! Because he uses each piece of natural material as if it were a precious jewel, he has a deep and abiding affinity with nature, a questioning, inquisitive mind which wants to explore possibilities and has a passion for his subject which he is only too willing to share. Flower Stories is a gorgeous book!! The pieces are larger than life and in some ways whimsical and theatrical, but all explore the never ending possibilities of designing with natural materials. They are not commercial pieces, but a celebration of possibilities and ideas using often ordinary materials. Don't ever let it be said that there is nothing available to use or play with!!! All the works are modelled and staged beautifully in fabulous locations with superb photography. Flower Stories is a book which gives a glimpse of what makes Jouni tick - how his childhood in Finland instilled in him a life long reverence, fascination and wonder about the natural world. It's the best kind of story I know - the kind of story I like, and a book which can give hours and hours of pleasure, inspiration and hope. There are no techniques pages.


Flower Stories

SKU: 112
  • Author:Jouni Seppanen
    Dimensions:33 x 25 cm
    Publisher:Stichting Kunstboek

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