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You'll think us daft getting so excited about a knife, BUT... these knives are just amazing!! They come with a personal recommendation from me, Claire Cowling. I won't use anything else for cutting my flowers! They are so easy to use - as they are so sharp, which is so much better, not just for the flowers, but your hands and wrists too - taking the strain for you. They are available as a straight or curved blade - the preference is yours and fold neatly into the base, making them safe to pop in your pocket until you're ready to use again!


Straight - material : Stainless.  Overall Length (mm) : 151.  Weight : 30g

Curved - material : Stainless.  Overall Length (mm) : 147Weight: 30g


Please note: We close the knives up for shipping for safely.

Florist Knife

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