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Floral Design Edition


The study textbook is perfect for every floral designer, event florist, interior decorator and student showing in great detail for room decorating how best to deal with the room decoration, style and period. It procures in giving a complex overview about the essential knowledge of style and tradition, of the impression of colours and surface structures, of the relation of size and amount, of substance and material, the knowledge of design criteria and the capability of technical floristic skills with fabulous images, sketches and invaluable text.

Floral Room Decoration

SKU: 817
  • AUTHOR:  Johanne de Carnée, Denise Karsten, Torsten Meiner, Jürgen Potthoff 

    ISBN 9783938521250


    PAGES: 204

    DIMENSIONS: 30 x 21 cm

    LANGUAGE: English

    PUBLISHER: Floral Design Edition
    RRP: £52.5

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