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For Jean-François Boucher-Odent, flowers are first and foremost living, beautiful, surprising, moving, a diversity of extraordinary shapes and colors. A floral arrangement must have a soul, an emotion that can be obtained either by an extraordinary plant, or by the intensity of the colors, or even by an astonishing, incongruous line to capture the eye of the layman. In this book Jean-François Boucher-Odent wants to share his tastes for textures, colors, or shapes that speak to him. He likes the sculptural side that certain plants can bring, but he also remains sensitive to small living, fresh, fragile and "terroir" plants such as hellebores or sweet peas. By marrying in his traditional plant compositions and plants or food elements, he tries to symbolize the ephemeral, agreed more freely as soon as we talk about gastronomy.


Floral Delights

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