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A unique publication on the occasion of the 33rd edition of the five-yearly flower festival An overview in words and images of all the Floralies from 1839 to the present day With beautiful flower creations from the participating master florists and flower arranging schools THE GHENT FLORALIEN are the largest indoor flower exhibition in the world. The five-yearly flower festival has become increasingly popular in recent decades. Millions of spectators have already been captivated by the breathtaking splendor of flowers. FINE FLEUR offers a fascinating overview of all the Floralies editions, from 1839 to the present day. In the part 'The Ghent Floralies, pearl of the floriculture' historian René De Herdt sketches in a fascinating way the rise of the cut flower and the national and international image of Ghent floriculture, followed by the success of the Floralies. Beautiful photo material from the Royal Society for Agriculture and Botany brightens up the texts. In the section "Floral Masters", the selected Belgian master florists who will present their original creations at the 33rd Floralies edition are presented. They made an exclusive flower arrangement with their favorite flowers especially for 'Fine Fleur'. Leading Belgian flower arranging schools are also guests at the Ghent Floralies. This book sheds light on how they work and contains step-by-step descriptions of their beautiful flower creations. Thanks to extremely professional, detailed photos, every flower arrangement enthusiast can get started. Author Patricia De Corte is responsible for the poetic texts. Philippe Deb Begin photographed the master florists, their creations and those of the flower arranging schools in a sublime way.

Fine Fleur

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