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Natasha Lisitsa has been named one of the most exciting and daring floral designers in America. Internationally recognized for her larger-than-life floral art installations, vivacious design style, and innovative use of materials, Natasha shares a collection of her exuberant creations in this beautiful monograph published by Stichting Kunsboek.

Natasha Lisitsa is the owner and lead designer of Waterlily Pond Floral Design Studio in San Francisco, California and has created floral decor for over 1000 weddings and special events.

Get an inside look at Natasha's creative process through three of her essential design elements - Materials and Texture, Color, and Movement and Space. Get inspiration and new ideas.
Stunning photography and bold edgy floral artworks - a perfect addition to the coffee table for a floral enthusiast or designer, an art lover or anyone who enjoys flowers and design.

Exhuberant Floral Art

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