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According to Swedish master florist Per Benjamin, floral art is all about emotions. Bringing flowers to the people is translating and communicating emotions, is showing them that the future has always something good and beautiful to offer. In this book he shares his personal ideas about flowers and creativity. His unstoppable curiosity is his driving force and allows him to find new materials as well as new ways to use the old ones. Per Benjamin is without a doubt one of the greatest ‘technicians’ in the world of floristry. In this book he shows a wide range of arrangements, from the well known playful and colourful, almost kitschy pieces to the more natural transparent, discrete ones. However, they always manage quite easily to draw one’s attention in an elegant, charming way. This updated and revised edition of his very successful monograph Elements (2004) demonstrates how his pieces have stood the test of time and are still very refreshing and relevant.

Elements - New Edition

  • AUTHOR: Per Benjamin
    ISBN: 9789058566218
    DIMENSION: 33 x 24.5cm
    PAGES:  144
    COVER: Hardback
    PUBLISHER: Stichting Kunstboek

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