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A firm favourite - Ceropegia woodii.

This trailing semi-succulent vine, with their heart shaped leaves have a lovely lace pattern that grow in opposite pairs along a trailing vine. The pinkish-purple undersides of the leaves and stems add a gorgeous  hue.

Also known as String or Chain of Hearts, Ceropegia woodii is not truly a succulent, but it does store water in its stems and plant care is very similar to that of a succulent. String of Hearts is extremely easy to look after and very tolerant of neglect. It is a perfect plant to pop in a pot on a high shelf or ledge.



Light: Bright light, including some direct early morning or evening sunlight, will enhance the colour.

Water: Drought tolerant, but for best results keep the soil lightly moist. Water sparingly in winter. Do not over-water.

Temperature: Normal room temperature anywhere between 18-24°C. Protect from draughts.

Humidity: Will enjoy raised humidity levels but most of the time they are happy in normal household conditions.

Feed: A weak solution of balanced fertiliser once a month during summer.

Care Tips: Trim back some of the vines if they become too straggly (perfect to include in your floral designs!!)

Height and Growth Rate: Trailing stems up to 2 meters. Relatively fast growing.

Toxicity: Not known to be toxic, however keep away from animals to be on the safe side.

Origin: Southwest Africa.


Ceropegia woodii

  • Pot: 10cm diameter
    Please note: We will gently coil the vine for delivery.  Upon receipt, uncoil and gently tease the stems apart.

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