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Botanical Art ‘For Your Eyes Only’ is the collaboration of award winning floral designers Sarah Horne AIFD and Jo Jarvis AIFD from the United Kingdom. They have been friends for many years, meeting first when Sarah entered her first competition, where Jo was one of the sponsors. She came forth on that occasion, going on to win the Metz and Earthworks competition the following year. The idea of doing a book came from the now famous words “Why don’t we do a book together?” after their successful standing ovation programme at the American Institute of Floral Designers national symposium in Chicago 2008.

The book is a culmination of ideas and inspiration, showing designs ‘outside of the box’, the love of nature and the imagination of both of these talented designers. One of the main objectives for the book was to broaden people’s concepts of floral design not just for those in the floriculture industry but to encourage others to see how botanical material can be used with a little imagination in everyday life. From the creation of a romantic floral dinner in the woods, to the opulence of a fragrant floral bedspread and through to the idea of the male model, where the character of the person and the flower meld into one another to create living art as it’s never been seen before! 


Botanical Art For Your Eyes Only

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  • AUTHOR: Jo Jarvis, Sarah Horne ISBN: 9780955304392 DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2009 PAGES: 167 DIMENSIONS: 34 x 25 cm LANGUAGE: English PUBLISHER: 358 Productions OTHER: Signed copy
    RRP: £45

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