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Martine Soulier, a graduate of the European Master Certification programme (EMC) and teacher at the Ecole des Fleuristes in Paris, is releasing her third book on packaging in all its shapes. Thanks to the big success of the first two books the author has been invited to give workshops throughout Europe and China. As a floral designer, Martine Soulier wants to share her passion for flowers and paper.

In her new book she presents many unusual, practical, fast, simple, generous, festive, chic and conceptual flower wrappings. In no time the reader will learn how to create innovative floral designs and guided by the many tips and tricks and step by step pictures in this beautiful book everyone will be able to try their hand at folding, rolling, sticking, stacking, crumpling, tearing and cutting techniques to achieve a one of a kind wrapping befitting the flower design. Text in English and French.

Wrapping in all its Forms

SKU: B000001
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  • COVER: Paperback
    PAGES: 128
    PUBLISHER: Stichting Kunstboek
    LANGUAGE: English & French
    ISBN: 9789058565761
    DIMENSIONS: 21.7 x 1.2 x 28 cm

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