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This book is a must for anyone wanting to make money from floristry. Whether you have a florist shop, are a designer florist, work from home or send flowers by mail order, this book is for you. It does not cover the artistic side of floristry and will not teach you to make a bouquet or an arrangement. Back in 2005 Alan Peck wrote 'Buying and Running a Florist Shop'. This book became the best selling book ever on the business aspects of retail floristry - being reprinted five times. Despite continuing demand Alan eventually let this book go out of print as it was becoming dated. Now he has teamed up with Jenny Sheppard - a very talented florist and Chelsea gold medallist. Together they have updated the previous book and also added over 100 pages of completely new material. Whilst some American floristry books are aimed at the business side of floristry, this is the only book to focus purely on the business aspects of floristry in the UK. The book covers both how to start a floristry business from scratch and also how to buy an existing business. It covers sales, marketing, management, book-keeping, creating and optimising a website, buying stock, relay services, social media and much more. Many florists described 'Buying and Running a Florist Shop' as the florists bible. This version goes much further to address everything the modern florist needs to know about business.

The Business Side of UK Floristry

SKU: B00810
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  • Date of Publication:2017
    Author:Alan Peck
    Dimensions:15.2 x 22.9 cm

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