These are one of my all time favourite plants.
They're gorgeous as they are with their little strings of peas and great for florists - to include in your floral designs.

They are known as String of Pearls, Senecio rowleyanus is a wonderful succulent with gorgeous, trailing stems of round, bead-like leaves, each with a vertical, semi-translucent line running to its tip which assists photosynthesis. Flowers appear on tall, slender stems as small, white fuzzy daisies every so often.
The plants are perfect to pop in a suspended container  (they'd look amazing in our hanging metal pots!) or trailing from a high shelf in a nice pot.  They grow fairly fast, so leave room for them to do their thing!


Light: Bright, indirect light. Some morning or late afternoon sun is a bonus.

Water: Senecio are very drought tolerant, storing water in their leaves. Allow the soil to start to dry out between watering. Do not over-water or allow the plants to sit in water.

Temperature: Warm room temperatures of 21-24°C are perfect in summer. Cooler winter temperatures around 13-16°C will help to maintain good plant health and encourage blooming.

Feed: A weak solution of balanced fertiliser once a month during summer.

Care Tips: Simply trim to desired length if they become too long or straggly (perfect to include in your floral designs!!).

Height and Growth Rate: Ultimate height/length 1m. Fast growing.

Toxicity: Mildly toxic if eaten. Keep away from children and animals.

Origin: Southwest Africa.

Senecio rowleyanus

  • Pot: 14cm diameter
    Please note: We'll gently coil the strings for transport purposes - when you receive your plant, please tease the stems apart being careful not to knock the beads off!

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