Creative floral arrangements

Nature and naturalness are extremely popular right now, and creative crafting with natural materials is fast becoming a trendy leisure time activity. Klaus Wagener's new book is full to the brim with inspiring ideas that pick up this trend. In ten chapters, it illustrates the joy of designing and crafting with natural materials found in any garden, such as box and violets, or in the fields, such as sweetcorn, or in the forest, such as pines. The uncomplicated, yet moderately challenging, crafting techniques used are explained in detail, and the texts are accompanied by how-to pictures. This book is a comprehensive source of ideas for nature lovers and fans of handcrafted decorations and creative arrangements that promises some very special moments as best friends, whole families, fathers and sons or neighbours get together for joint crafting activities.
Klaus Wagener is a true child of nature. As the offspring of a florist family, he grew up with a passion for living in nature and working with all that nature has to offer. Even as a small child he was fascinated by the gnarled and earthy structure of roots, the variegated textures of stones and the huge diversity of leaves. His books are the expression of his love for all things floral and a tribute to his special talent for creating with them

Natural and Handcrafted