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This study book deals extensively with the design of floral arrangements for Advent and Christmas, as well as with a range of effective forms for exhibition presentations. Above all, the particular techniques needed for technically sound execution are described in detail, so that they can be followed systematically. Using the books fold-outs, this enables the reader a second easy to use overview of a comprehensive list of all the techniques. Some techniques that recur frequently in Advent and Christmas floristry are described separately; as are the techniques for making certain parts of an arrangement, e.g. candleholders, multi-pronged forks, etc. Practical tips and detailed elucidation of technical terms complete the explanations. Since different design intentions often require different craft techniques, it is important for us to illustrate not only the various arrangements and the techniques for their execution, but also to explain which individual design decisions were responsible for the final form.

Modern Floral Christmas Works

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  • Date of Publication:2012
    Author:Gregor Lersch
    Dimensions:30 x 24 cm
    Publisher:Floral Design Edition

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