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This book by trend scout and designer Marion Bauer shows contemporary decorating ideas for the Advent and Christmas season with atmospheric flower arrangements. This inspiring publication was created in collaboration with the BLOOM's team of florists espacially Michael Sutmöller and will appeal to professional florists as well as all fans of flower arrangements. From intricate to easy, from natural to precise perfection, this book presents Christmas floristry for duplicating and floral design in matching mood worlds. Its seven chapters show a variety of different colour schemes and styles. But they all have one thing in common: the floristry is relaxed and full of natural materials. Are you looking for atmospheric floral creations for Advent and Christmas?

Just Christmas

SKU: B00818
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  • Date of Publication:2019
    Author:Marion Bauer
    Dimensions:28 × 24 cm

    Floral Designs, Styles and Christmas decorations

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