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Originally a graphic designer, Moniek Vanden Berghe has focused on floral art. Her style is contemporary, modern. Bridal work is a real passion for her. She has an eye for details and designs with great accuracy bridal bouquets, floral purses, corsages, hair clasps and tiaras. She also decorates the bridal table, the cars, the church and the bridesmaids in an elegant and harmonious way. This book hands innovative 'bridal ideas' to florists, but also wants to be an inspiration for anyone who is soon to be married and wants to have a flourishing party.

Flowers in Love

SKU: 113
  • AUTHOR: Moniek Vanden Berghe ISBN: 9789058561619 DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2005 PAGES: 120 DIMENSIONS: 23 x 23 cm LANGUAGE: English PUBLISHER: Stichting Kunstboek

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