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Up until recently, the work emerging from Russian florists has not been particularly well received.  There is no doubt good reason for this however some Russian designers have emerged onto the international scene and one of them is Zhanna Semenova.  Her work has featured in the International Floral Art Annual where she rightly was awarded the prestigious Gold Leaf Award.

This young woman is a master of technical craftsmanship and it shows throughout the book.  The designs vary from the na�ve through to the downright amazing.  Her style, particularly when she turns her attention to creating head pieces, wigs etc., is quite unbelievable not only in content but in ground breaking presentation too.  She appears to be quite young and if this is what she is producing now � then she is destined for great things indeed.

Some of the designs will, I suspect, become iconic but I wonder how many will realise just how brilliant they are.  It is not easy to work at this level where only perfection will do; this young woman has managed to achieve that.  In some cases, therefore, these are works of art.  Some of it will not appeal to everyone but there are such gems of brilliance that it should appear on the shelves of many libraries around the world.

AUTHOR: Zhanna Semenova ISBN: 9789058563248 DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2010 PAGES: 144 DIMENSIONS: 33 x 24.5 cm LANGUAGE: English and Russian PUBLISHER: Stichting Kunstboek
RRP: £65

Floral Art - Zhanna Semenova

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