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More than ever, couples are dreaming of getting married! So many brides and grooms, who have been waiting for months for "life after corona" so that they can exchange their wedding vows and celebrate their wedding with all their friends and family.


Not only event planners and organizers are predicting a big run on weddings. Florists are also hoping they will be able to make up for lost time and see an avalanche of orders as a reason for rejoicing rather than worrying! To help you with your interim consulting and to give you some new ideas for post-corona-bridal couples and their wedding flower wishes, we have infused this issue with lots of new content. For example, with a photo shoot with Ehrenberger Floristik.

This was intended as a concerted effort of all the professionals who work hand-in-hand on executing a wedding celebration: the wedding planner, videographer and photographer, bridal stylist, cake confectioner, stationery designer and of course the florist. This campaign should communicate to wedding customers that "we're here and ready to help you make your wedding the most beautiful day you can possibly imagine!" So with this in mind, let yourself be inspired by our floral designs in this issue of VIEW WEDDING and look forward to implementing them soon! 


Blooms Wedding 2021

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